Wigwam Homes manages a large number of properties in Hull, Nottingham and Doncaster. Many of these attractive and affordable houses are actually owned by us and we also manage portfolios and acquire properties for other discerning landlords. We only buy properties that excite us and that we feel people will really want to live in.

With more than a decade of valuable experience our approach to property management is a friendly one with well trained, reliable and, above all, enthusiastic staff in every department.

The office team is capable of handling all enquiries with speed and efficiency. Our 'on the ground' accompanied viewing staff offer flexible times to suit every prospective tenant's circumstances.

Maintenance is always a key issue for our tenants and our ethos here has become the pillar of our success when it comes to tenant retention.

In short, we aim to outperform normal expectations in this modern rental World.

Why rent from us:

First and foremost it will be important to you to see the property of your choice as soon as possible and our accompanied viewers will be able to show you around at a time to suit you.

When you are renting a property it is very important for you to know that you are in good hands and that your home will be safe and well maintained.

At Wigwam Homes this is a "given" so much so that our tenants stay with us much longer than with other landlords.

Our Office staff are also helpful, efficient and capable of handling all your needs and enquiries.


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