We have all said it when looking at many an advertisement to buy a property...

"They are asking too much for that - no point in viewing.."

"That's far too much for that property... better not make an offer as it could offend the owners"

If only the sellers knew they are loosing potential buyers, wasting time and creating their own disappointment. Nothing is gained and eventually they will still only achieve what the property is worth...but months have been wasted! 

If you are looking for an Estate Agent in Hull offering properties at the right price call us!


We do it differently at Wigwam Homes. Hull Estate Agent

Wigwam Homes have taken the time to negotiate with the seller before advertising their property to ascertain what price the owners would be prepared to accept.

This saves you, the buyer the emotional rollercoaster, time and effort of making offers and waiting to see if the offer is accepted.

Wigwam Homes is a great opportunity to allow you to buy an amazing property at the right price.

 Search now for a great Wigwam Homes deal on a property for you.