A new, better, faster way to sell your home!

•  0% Commission on all sales

•  The security of a non-refundable deposit

•  A fixed date for exchange and completion

•  Achieve current property market value



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When deciding to sell your property you have a number of choices and decisions to make.

The best option for you maybe using our online bidding service as this can provide you with a number of alternative benefits to the conventional way of selling:

1) The best price in the current market

We operate local and national marketing to ensure any property has the maximum exposure to potential buyers. Potential buyers are not limited to those able to get to a physical auction. Anyone in the country or World can bid over the internet or by calling our auction team. Our mission is to get you the best price in the current market for your property.

2) Option for 0% Sales Commission .

We offer a 0% selling option and we will charge the buyer a suitable reservation fee which covers all our costs. Alternatively, you can pay our normal agency fee and only a small reservation fee will be paid by the buyer.

3) A precise moving date!

When the online auction closes the buyer is tied to a defined and precise timeline for exchange and completion, once the buyer has paid the reservation fee (buyer’s premium). This provides complete clarity for both parties.

A fixed timescale is not often set when selling a property through the normal property agency route with many sales taking much longer than anticipated.

4) Ensuring we only have serious buyers by way of a non-refundable fee

The buyer pays a non-refundable reservation fee which is calculated against the winning bid for the specific lot. The fee is non-refundable to ensure the buyer is serious, ready and able to proceed and can prove funds to ensure they are unlikely to back out of the transaction.

5) "Sorry" payment

In the unlikely event that a buyer, after paying their reservation fee, backs out we understand you may have incurred costs but more particularly know that you will have been inconvenienced. We would send you a cheque immediately amounting to 30% of the paid reservation fee to say "SORRY".

6) National coverage of your property via our extensive and vigorous market and PR campaign

We undertake an extensive marketing campaign to ensure each property reaches a wider geographical market and has the ability to reach motivated buyers.

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